We make lowering your energy cost easy.

We’ll take care of your entire solar net metering project from start to finish.


Get a free solar net metering evaluation.

Every project starts with a free, in-depth, evaluation of your property to see if solar net metering is right for you. We’ll explain your solar options, discuss your energy use and collect some basic information to determine net metering feasibility.

If everything looks good, we will prepare your custom engineered assessment. The resulting proposal includes your options and projects your energy savings for the next 20 years.

Sign your agreement.

Your personalized agreement secures your energy costs for the next 20 years. You’ll find the most important details of the agreement right on the front page, as well as a cash flow analysis for the 20 years.

There are no hidden fees, but you’ll find plenty of guarantees and warranties that protect you.


Get Your Customized Design.

One of our site surveyors will visit to take a closer look at your roof and take measurements so our expert engineers can create a customized solar design based on your roof’s dimensions and your energy needs.

Complete installation.

From start to finish we will take care of your entire solar net metering project. We handle the system design, environmental impact assessment, permits, installation and inspections. All you have to do is watch it all come together.

Here’s the best part. Once the utility company gives approval, you start generating clean, affordable energy at a fraction of your current energy cost.


Turn on the power.

Congratulations on going green with solar energy. You’ve made not only a great investment in your future but as a responsible Canadian you have made an investment in all of our futures. So sit back and enjoy the returns.

Take control of your energy costs today.

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