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Feasibility Assessment

We know each home and homeowner will have different needs and deserve a unique proposal that fits them. We offer an in-depth analysis of your property using basic information such as contact info, address, and roof condition. We are able to pre-qualify your home and produce an unbiased, detailed assessment of the potential solar earnings and your financial options.

Don’t worry, we make this easy for you. We provide free consultation with our design team to ensure a completely customized solution.

Applications and Contracts

Following the presentation of the proposal and a course of action is agreed upon, the next step is to apply to the IESO for MicroFIT. We must apply for approval before we can begin installation. VNRG will handle all required application paperwork and once approved you are guaranteed to get paid at the fixed rate over the 20-year agreement, no matter what.

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Form and Function

Now we have applied, received approval, and obtained the IESO contract successfully. Next we start the design and engineering portion of the process. We collect the measurements of your roof and the design team puts together a customized solar system plan that is safe, accurate, and designed to get the most out of your property.

Almost Done!

Using the agreed upon design we now move on to one of the final steps of getting your system up and running. Our expertly trained installers have years of experience and knowledge. The installation team will begin installing your panels ensuring the system is professionally and efficiently set up to your liking. All you have to do is sit back and watch as the carefully laid out plan comes to fruition.



Project Completion

Congratulations on going green with solar energy. You’ve made not only a great investment in your future but as a responsible Canadian you have made an investment in all of our futures. So sit back and enjoy the returns.

Move to cleaner, renewable energy today.

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