What is Co-Investment?

With our Investors’ participation customers are provided the option to choose the investment level that fits their budget best. Committed to achieving a 100% risk free investment condition, homeowners receive a guaranteed 10% annual return on investment over the 20-year agreement.

Why Choose Co-Investment

  • Investment option that is flexible to suit your individual financial needs:
    $5,000 / $10,000 / $15,000 / $20,000
  • Guaranteed return on investment of 10%
  • 100% ownership at the end of the 20-year agreement, guaranteed 80%+ efficiency
  • All installation, repair, maintenance, and insurance costs are covered
  • BONUS: A one-time free removal of solar to change roof shingles

Our return on investment policy ensures you earn back what you paid at the end of the 20-year contract plus double the profit.

Co-Investment vs GIC/Financial Products

With a fixed rate of return higher then the other two, Co-Investment gets you a return on your investment no matter what. None of the other options can offer the same security over the 20 years of your investment cycle.

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