We are North America's fastest growing Sustainable Energy Brokerage Firm

VantageNRG Inc (VNRG) assist people and organizations in transitioning to cleaner, more cost efficient, energy solutions. We collaborate with the best of the best in every category of the solar industry bringing customers the most advanced and cutting edge clean energy products and services. With the experience gained over the years, VNRG has developed a comprehensive framework that makes switching to renewable energy easy and affordable for our clients.

Not only are we conquering the solar energy market, but have focused on the LED lighting industry, since it has become a well-known fact that lighting now accounts for approximately 40% of energy consumption globally.

Our Mission

To provide expert, unbiased, Renewable Energy Solutions tailor-made to save our clients money and produce income through the clean power of the sun.


We’re Different

Unlike most Solar & LED Sales Companies we take a different approach to purchasing system solutions that benefits the client. Providing multiple options with regards to technology, installation, financing and ownership, we are able to offer optimal cost savings with increased benefits and complete satisfaction. We act as your consultant doing the research for you and giving an unbiased customized solution.

Always Working for You

Our Clients are our top priority! By speaking with you and understanding your vision and long-term goals we provide a solar design that is unique to you and your needs. Our goal is to set you up with a customized design that offers you the most energy savings available. The best part is these services won’t cost you a thing.