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Polaron Solartech

Awarded the right to be distinguished as a Better Business Bureau accredited company, Polaron Solartech are a Canadian owned and operated business based out of Markham, Ontario. Aiming to become Ontario’s top turnkey they provide all our clients a one-stop solution for their solar panel system. They take care of all the designing, application, procurement, installation and maintenance, all while guaranteeing a return.

Globally, they have installed over 1,050 megawatts (MW) in solar panel systems, which is equivalent to 20 years’ worth of quota from the Ontario MicroFIT program.


Xinyi Solar Holdings

One of the Share Holders of Polaron Solartech is a group called Xinyi Solar Holdings. They are one of the largest worldwide glass manufacturer and solar investor and developer. This is a publicly traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00968), with a capitalization of approximately $10 Billion Canadian dollar.



Established in 1998, CONXCORP is an organization of experts, specialists, investors, solutions providers, manufacturers and stakeholder partners who are driven by the objective of providing sustainable, environmental, commerce and infrastructure solutions for developed and developing countries. They deliver environmentally focused and sustainable solutions. With a focus on sustainability, economic growth, the environment and quality of life, CONXCORP identifies specific initiatives that will greatly benefit adopting nations and organizations.


Investors Group

Investors Group, partnered with IGM Financial, and a member of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies, is one of Canada's leading personal financial services companies with a history that spans nine decades. With a strong history of delivering effective investment fund management Investors Group has portfolio managers situated in offices across the globe.


TD Financial Services

Toronto Dominion, named 2015 CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index – top scoring Canadian financial institution, has been working to integrate environmental responsibility into every aspect of their business. Their banking specialists deliver customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. Drawing on a range of products and services including financing, deposit, investment, cash management, international trade and foreign exchange, our relationship teams provide the right tools and advice to help customers achieve their goals.